About Faiza

Faiza is a self-taught abstract artist from the United Kingdom and lives in Solihull with her husband and two children. Her art is the product of who she is and is a result of her memories, experiences, thoughts and dreams. Her work is greatly influenced by her diverse background, from her childhood growing up in Saudi Arabia to her British roots combined with Pakistani and Zanzibari influences. 

When painting, Faiza follows the unconscious and each piece is guided by the initial textures that she creates. Each layer of colour and texture added guides the creation of the next, and from this she tries to capture the perfect in the imperfect. Each piece is a discovery of her truth and an expression of her inner voice.

Faiza has exhibited her work across Europe including Milan, Paris and Genoa with upcoming exhibitions in Monaco and London. 

faiza hair.jpg

Inside you there is an artist you don't know about